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Commercial Control

No matter what business you operate Hometown Pest Control can keep it pest free! We hold our business accounts at the top of our concerns, we know pest sightings can cause bad reputation and decrease profits for your company and we have proven methods that will solve any pest need and follow all state regulations. We offer IPM plans that use low impact chemicals and non-chemical methods to solve any pest needs for schools, churches, offices and daycares that will keep your customers or patients safe. We always have a technician on call for your needs.


Termites infect millions of homes  nationwide and cause billions of dollars in damages a year termites thrive off moisture and are constantly working 24 /7 to benefit the colony by attacking your home and gaining entry from below only a trained professional understands how a termite colony behaves at hometown pest control we have trained professionals that use top of the line termite products that will effectively protect your home and investments for years to come we also offer termite bait system plan that effectively stop termite colony from ever gaining entry to our home with out the need for a liquid treatment  call for your free inspection and estimate and start protecting your most valuable investment. 

Vapor Barrier
This is a 10mil plastic material installed inside the square footage of your crawl space that reduces operating costs of your home.It defends against mold and odor while protecting your pipes and the structure of your home as well as preventing the harboring of pests.
Residential Control

Pest control is important to the safety and health of your family because pest can carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate food and cause illness. Some pest and insects can cause serious damage to your home. At hometown pest control we have proven methods to keep your home pest free. Our technicians have over 15 years of experience and are state certified and hold the safety of your family at the top of our concerns. 

Gutter Cleaning

A lot of insects can thrive off clogged gutters.This one time removal of all debris from gutters and down spouts and a flush of the whole gutter system. We are not responsible for old damaged gutters. Home and commercial customers receive 15% off this service.

Temperature Vent
The non powered automatic foundation vents will open and close automatically using a heat/cold sensitive coil. The levers open completely at approx. 72F and completely close at approx 38F. Unlike manual vents that can waste energy when no one remembers to open or close them. These vents self adjust all year long. What’s more, ventilation can help control conditions that lead to mold, mildew, fungi, damp rot and unhealthy air.
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